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Selenium IDE for Safari, Mac, IPhone, Android, Opera and other different Browsers

The Selenium IDE is a great plugin for the Firefox Browser to automate website testing. Unfortunately it is not available for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. Nevertheless it is not enough to test a web application on firefox. Every browser and every device has its own “specialties” of which you must be aware and [...]

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Selenium IDE for Internet Explorer?

Until now there is not such a thing as the Selenium IDE for IE / Internet Explorer but luckily there is a great alternative: FRET as an alternative to use the same functionality of the Selenium IDE on the Internet Explorer and many different other browsers and devices. Selenium IDE for IE Browser Download? There [...]

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Selenium WebDriver Example (Java)

You need a basic example of how to use the the Selenium WebDriver in Java? Here you will find it. If you are not sure if you have the right set-up to start with the Selenium WebDriver, please read the Selenium WebDriver Tutorial (Java). Sample-Code for Firefox Sample-Code for Chrome Sample-Code for Internet Explorer   [...]

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Selenium WebDriver Tutorial (Java)

...with Java in Eclipse This Tutorial will guide you through the first steps of how to code your own automated tests in Selenium using Java in Eclipse. This tutorial will also work with any other Java-Development-Environment besides Eclipse, but all screenshots and basic instructions will be for Eclipse. Tutorial Sections: Prerequisites Download Selenium Create your [...]

Selenium IDE Tutorial For Beginner

In this article we will go through the basic steps on how to install and use the Selenium IDE plugin for testing your website. Article Agenda: Install the Selenium IDE Record your first test case run your first test case and see the results Create and edit test cases manually Save test cases & test suits [...]

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