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Selenium IDE for Chrome?

Selenium IDE for Chrome


Many users that have been using the Selenium IDE with Firefox to test their web applications are now looking for the Selenium IDE for Chrome. This is of course for a good reason. Every browser renders web pages slightly different. So it is not enough to test with the Selenium IDE whether a web site works on Firefox or not. You also need an alternative to the Selenium IDE for Chrome and test your application in this browser, too.

Unfortunately the Selenium IDE does just not exist for Chrome. Luckily there is a very good alternative: We suggest you to try FRET as an alternative to the Selenium IDE. It uses the same Syntax as the Selenium IDE, but is web based an runs the tests on machines that belong to the tool which you cannot see. You will only see the test results. The good thing is, that you will also be able to run your tests on Chrome.

Where to download the alternative to the Selenium IDE for Chrome Browser plugin?

You don’t need to download or install any plugin, addon, extension or webdriver for your Chrome Browser. FRET works out of the box with an web interface. You just log in to your account and define your test cases online. The test cases then run manually or on an automatic scheduled interval in the device lab of FRET.

Automated Web Testing with FRET

If you have been working with the Selenium IDE you will probably recognize the available commands you can use when setting up your test cases with FRET. Here are just a few example of the most common commands:

  • clickAt (andWait)
  • pause
  • mouseOver
  • verifyText
  • sendKeys

Besides the commandy that you know from the Selenium IDE FRET offers even more features like storing and comparing of variables and screenshots.
If you want to know all about how to work with FRET please read our quick tutorial.

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